Photo Gallery

    Here is a cutie pie picture that I just love. We are so very proud of the way these babies turned out. They are just beautiful. This picture was taken on Wednesday December 12, 2007. They are 9 weeks old. I have also posted a picture of the toddler chair  up against a ruler to show how small the chair is. Pictures can sometimes be very deceiving.

Owner of Dam: Jennie Carter

Dam:  Jennie's Little Emma Jean  AKC # TR13505805  Maltese

Sire:   Brenda's Reddy Set Go  AKC # TR03388902  DNA # V389987

Owner of Sire: LaWanda Hudman of Azle Texas       

I have owned my beautiful maltese since she was 7 weeks old. She is a very much loved pet. I have been a stay at home mother since our daughter was born, but for 9 years I was a surgical veterinarian tech. I hated to leave what I loved so much. I have alot of education on puppy's and the well being of the mother. I delivered over 200 puppies  mostly through c-section. This is the only dog I breed , and she is very special to us. Don't forget very spoiled. I think she has more clothes than me. Her disposition is awesome. She loves everyone, and her puppies are brought up the same way.For the sake of the puppy I will not ship nor deliver the puppy to you. I feel that the new owners purchasing a puppy would want to know the environment of that puppy, and the way that it was cared for. I am very cautious about new owners, I only want to make sure they are getting a loving home.

This little guy is 9 weeks old and will be ready for Christmas. He only weighs 15 ounces. I just took this picture on Dec 2, 2007.                  

A bit about "Emma" and "Rudy": Emma weighs 3.6lbs and the stud Rudy weighs 4.1lbs. They both are as sweet as they can be and make wonderful pets.                                                                                                        

Price: From $900  to $1,500 depending on size. The last litters she's had, none of them have gotten over 3.5 lbs. Some of them didn't even make 3lbs. They all have beautiful coats. They have the babydoll  faces. Eventhough they are AKC registered they will more than likely be a quality pet due to there size. Since they are so tiny you may not want to breed them and they will probably not meet the show guidelines. These are your typical purse dogs you tote everywhere with you.

This is the chair that the pups picture was taken in. As you can tell it is a toddlers chair.

This is the same male puppy from above with the ruler in front of him. He is the best puppy I have. He is super sweet and very loving. He is very calm and loves to be groomed. He does not like his microchip tag though. Hr tries to make me feel guilty for making him wear it.